Here’s a stately picture of me in a tweed jacket which should entirely assure you that I am indeed a writer. If you're still feeling doubtful, take a look below to see synopses of some projects I’ve inked into existence over the past several years. In addition to these plays and podcasts, I’ve spent quite a lot of time writing comedy sketches, poems, and of course, a great many lyrics, some of which you can read (here) on this very same website. The convenience is astounding!

Bill of Writes

Little Boy

Full length play

In 1958, Norman and Gladys, each at their wit's end, attempt to fix their son Adam’s mental illness. While Norman tries to muscle Adam into order, Gladys puts a post-modern solution to the test: radical honesty. When their methods clash, the family becomes aware that unraveling some truths is no less devastating than a nuclear reaction.

Reading and development

Cry Havoc, NYC, January and August 2019

Staged Reading

New School, College of Performing Arts, April 2019


Time With You

Narrative Podcast

Written, produced, sound design
In development

Each episode, two strangers from all ages and walks of life meet and reveal their thoughts and fears on love, growing, passion and loneliness before separating and continuing on a twisting journey for authentic human connection. 

Pilot Episode: A touring musician meets a pre-med student at an airport where they strike up a conversation about the shifting tides in each of their lives and the fleetingness of human connection. They talk intimately on the airplane but walk away without a plan to meet again.

The Bellwether Lamb

Co-written and produced with Lindsey Beth Meyers

Sound Design, Calvin Rezen

Full length play

A complex re-imagining of Aesop’s fable The Boy Who Cried Wolf, we follow an ensemble of villagers grappling with mass hysteria following the mysterious death of one of the shepherd’s lambs. When blood is spilled to validate lies, an entire village becomes complicit in the cover-up. 

Staged Production

New School, College of Performing Arts,
March 2018, New York


Wait Staff

Full length play

In development

Wednesday at one o’clock in the morning, a group of servers at formal steakhouse waits for a table of presumed critics to leave. As the night drags on, they fight amongst themselves over whether they should confront or excuse their “captors.” 

The End of the Rope

Full length play

A man nears the end of his quest to tie a rope around the world, only to find that his rope is six yards too short. Over the course of three days, a young girl, a disgruntled clown, a free-spirited gypsy, and a soldier and his detainee pass the man on the road. They offer advice, honor his dedication, or scold his hubris to complete his giant, meaningless act.

Reading and development

Pascack Valley Theater, 2015

Kiss Me Through the Monitor

Short play, devised work

When a recently viral conceptual artist, a make-up vlogger, a museum curator, and a catfish end up on a double date. they grapple between the shiny artifice of digital existence and their all too insecure real-world personalities.

Staged Reading

May 2016, New York

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